iOS Icon60@3x issue

Hello, I have an issue while transferring ipa file with the Application Loader (the ipa fila was cooked on a PC with UE 4.11.2 and try to transfer on a MAC)

“Application Loader” Message : ERROR ITMS-90032: “Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key ‘CFBundleIcons’: ‘Icon60@3x.png’”

I have checked the ipa file and Icon60@3x.png is well packaged and listed in the CFBundleIcons section of the Info.plist

And it’s very strange in the Unreal Engine Editor iOS Icons section tell me that the size is incorrect but I think Icon60@3x should be 180 ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

issue was reported → iOS Icon60@3x issue - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums
thx !