iOS Game is Crashing in UMG Widget

Hi, I’m testing my game in iPhone 6S (iOS 11.4)

I don’t have any issue in levels, can play the game without getting any error. But game is crashing few seconds after when I open one of the UMG widgets. I tried to disable nodes and test again but no luck.

Couldn’t understand what is wrong. Can you help me?

This is my log file :

Edit : I think it’s related with memory usage am i right? When i type “stat MemoryPlatform” to the console the usages are :

Peak Used Virtual : 2135 MB
Used Virtual : 2135 MB

But iPhone 6s has 2 GB memory. What can I do for reducing memory usage? Are the textures which aren’t used in current level still occupy the memory?

Which version of the engine are you using? and which iOS renderer export settings?

Could be something in the widget like the font that it does not like? Can you reproduce on a new blank project with just a simple UMG widget? If so submit the bug to: Unreal Engine Community