iOS game crashes after splash screen on deployed iPad

Hi guys and gals,
First time posting, I am creating an independent infinite horror runner but when I package the game and deploy it to my iPad pro it crashes after the splash screen. It runs flawless on PC (Packaged for PC) and Mac but when I build for iOS it crashes after splash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am using 4.15 if that helps.

Could you attach logs from your device when crash occured?

I’m having the same problem.

I could not create MTLBuffer at ‘- (id<MTLBuffer>)newBufferWithLength:(NSUInteger)length options:(MTLResourceOptions)options’ method in MetalHeap.cpp file.
(exactly at ‘Buffer = (NSObject<MTLBuffer>*)[device newBufferWithLength:Size options:options];’ line. Returned ‘Buffer’ object is nil.)

so, ‘-[AGXG3Buffer storageMode]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1701a1dc0’ exception raised.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using UE 4.16.1 and iOS Device is iPad mini2 8.1.3.

Have you filed a bug on AnswerHub? This sounds like it’s possibly an Epic bug. At very least, this should be failing more gracefully. :slight_smile:

The iPad Mini 2 is a relatively old device and you’re running an older version of iOS. I would try updating iOS to the latest version to see if that helps, but my best guess is that you’re simply trying to more texture memory than is available, so an attempt to get a new metal buffer is failing and returning nil. IIRC, that’s the oldest iPad that even supports Meta, and the A7 SOC shares memory between GPU and CPU, so it’s very easy to blow out the memory on that device.

Try running the following console command: [FONT=Courier New]stat Streaming, then take a screenshot and post here. It should give us some idea of how much memory you’re using for streaming textures. Most likely, you need to reduce the size of your initial level and/or the size of the textures used on the initial level.

Ensure the target deployment iOS version is compatible with the user’s iOS version.

Sometimes users on testflight don’t update iOS, or iOS releases an update that the user installs immediately and the build actually isn’t compatible.

Same happened with me

This can happen if your game eats too much ram, iOS will kill the app immediately without warning if it goes over the limit. This was happening to me but only on low end devices.