[ios free] ctf 2000

hope its ok to spam this on here, it was made with udk, im nowhere near even starting a game with ue4 atm sorry.

Yet another fine game from Tegleg Records
heres the link

CTF 2000

Multiplayer Capture the Flag in cars.
Practice against bots then play against real people.

At the start of the game the flag appears as a Green Tower, be first to touch it with your car to pick it up.
You get 1 ‘safe’ second where the flag is yours and nobody can take it.
Heres the fun part, Steal the flag from another player by ramming into their car.
Points are scored when a flag holder touches a Red Tower.
First to 5 Wins the game.

In this first build there are 2 maps and 5 vehicles.
Pick your car and colour to play in Practice mode, the selection is randomized in Multiplayer.

Be part of the game’s evolution, please Rate and leave a comment.

feel free to add your comment on here, and please let me know if it runs on your device

Thanks and Have Fun!
maybe see you in there :slight_smile: