iOS Enum Meta ignored

On iOS 8, if you use UMeta on Enums, the text is ignored when doing Enum To String.

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Would you be able to attach your Dxdiag and your project log files to this post? Also, is there a step by step repro so that I can recreate the issue on my end? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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I have just ran a quick test using this setup:

I was able to see the text on the print string text on both the 4.5.1 release of UE4 and a newer build of the engine. What version of UE4 would you be using?

I’m using 4.5.0 source but the issue only occurs when you package for iOS and open the app on an iOS device. In that case instead of printing the UMETA display name it will just print the normal enum name. I defined the enum in C++

Would you be able to clarify what you are entering in the UENUM, including the UMETA? Any additional information on how i may be able to set this up would be greatly appreciated.


So say you got this: `
namespace ETestEnum
enum Type
E_Test UMETA(DisplayName=“Dog”)


If you use this in blue prints and print the enum it will print “dog” if you package on ios and open on iPhone it will print “E_Test”

Which iOS device would you be using to test this issue?

iPhone 6 plus

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Thank you again for reporting this issue. I have been able to reproduce the issue and have written up Bug Report UE-5000 and placed it into our database so that the issue may be fixed in a future release.

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