I’m trying to puzzle my way through iOS DLC. I’ve lost ground over the last few months and I’ve forgotten things, it’s simply taking too long to figure out. As insane as it sounds I’ve held up our release for over a year with this even though I’m not 100% sure UE can actually do what I’m trying to do. That is the level of obscurity that this seems to have.

This is what I have so far:

  1. Create content plugins to hold your DLC.
  2. Add maps and content to the plugin content folder.
  3. Add a Primary Asset Label asset and set everything in the plugin to be a chunk ID > 0.
  4. Open the project launcher and go through the wizard to configure the iOS DLC build profiles.
  5. Open the DLC profile and turn on HTTP chunk generation
  6. ???
  7. Use the Mobile Patching Utility plugin to download the manifest and DLC content.
  8. Install it.
  9. Load the new map or enable the new assets.

The manifest is not being created. I originally managed to create it around a year ago so I’m fairly sure it looks like something like <projectname>_<plugin>.manifest. It should be in the http target folder with a subdirectory of chunks.

Additionally, no combination of settings are causing the http chunk generation to work. I think the two problems are the same.

Does anyone know how to get UE to generate a manifest file for DLC?