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Is anyone currently able to package for iOS distribution under 4.18.3 (Same problem on 4.18.2)? I can get a development build to work, but distribution builds seem to always want to include the wrong certificate or mobile provision. It is very clear in the log - even though the distribution cert is checked, it builds with the dev cert… or sometimes it builds with the correct cert, then pairs it with the wrong provision. Trying both on a PC w/ remote build as well as directly on a Mac. I can post logs, but anyone else have these issues?

I can confirm that we have had the same problem. We were able to work around the problem everytime so far by deleting all mobile provisions on the system (on a Mac that should be at “~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles”), reopening Unreal and reimporting only the specific mobileprovision you want to use. Then the code signing errors disappeared.

However, we are still unable to deploy anything to TestFlight or the AppStore, because after a successful upload to iTunes Connect, we get a rejection email from Apple because the asset catalog is missing. For some reason we can’t get Unreal to include the in the ipa-file. This issue is discussed here:

Switching to Distribution Build, check this:

  1. Project Settings, Packaging, Build configuration to Shiping.

  2. Full Rebuild to ON

  3. For Distribution to ON

  4. Project Settings, Platforms, iOS Bundle Name YourGame

  5. Project Settings, Platforms, iOS Bundle Identifier com.YourCompany.YourGame ,as is the App ID

Thanks! Such an easy fix. #3 got it to build.

good news :slight_smile:

The solution above fixed our remaining problem with the missing icons, as well. It appears that setting Full Rebuild to On somehow caused the engine to finally compile the assets catalog :smiley:
Thank you, 3DA!