iOS - Distribution Problem

  1. If i package for Developement, on my Iphone5 , the game work fine.
  2. If i package for Distribution, on my Iphone5 the game launch and close.
  3. In iOS settings for Developement is chacked only “ARMV7”, but for Shipping is checked ARM64 and ARMV7 .
  4. If i select also for developement ARM64, is not package it, say have no ARM64 structure.
  5. I package from Windows, and when i package for shipping, is not see my distribution certificate, so i package with developer certificate then i resign it , i upload with Aplication loader to iTunes, then i download with Testflight , when i open the game, launch the screen, then close.
  6. I can set external testers, to see what it’s happening.

I hope this year,someone will answear to me also ?
Why i can’t play the same game, one is build for developement and other for distribution ?

Great, I have some crash reports now .

Anyone can help me with this ?

I think is crashing because ARM64 support.

Hi AnaroGames,

You will need two different sets of Certificates and Provisions:

Development Certificate and Provisions: These allow you to test your game on your iOS device but you cannot upload to the iTunes store and distribute your game using these certifications and provisions.

Distribution Certificate and Provisions: These are a separate set of certifications and provisions that you need to actually distribute your game on the iTunes Store. When you build for shipping using these you will need to make sure your Bundle ID is set up the same way you set the Provisions when you are signed into your Apple Developer account.

Regarding your crash and your problem with the ARM64 structure, please see the answers to the following posts:

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I have all certificates and all provision files, i’m not getting any error in build log,and i already read them all, i think it’s problem with my MAC or Xcode , i’ve got a respond from apple developer to try to test a simple ‘hello’ app .

I can build and test other app with Xcode, the problem is with Unreal .

  • I can also upload succesull to Testflight , when download and i try to test in my iphone, is crash.
  • I think have some with ARM64 , because Itunes ask for ARM64 suppport for shipping games, and i select ARM64 and AMRV7 for Distribution, but in Developement build i did’nt select ARM64 because i’ve got an error.
  • When i try to package for developement with ARM64 check, i’ve got “doesnt find any symbol for arm64” …
  • and also what the guy say here , is if my project was blueprints and i go to c++ then i should support only ARM64 ?
  • Is it possible to build arm64 for iOS from non source build editor?
  • If i build only for AMR64, i can test it, my iphone does’nt suppport ARM64 .
  • My question is, if in developement work with ARMV7 why in shipping doesnt work ?

I am closing this as a duplicate of the following AnswerHub post:

Application Loader Error-90086

I will continue to help you resolve the issue on that link.