iOS device testing on windows not working? Getting the error Failed to connect to bundle

I have recently packed and launched my game on Android and am now trying to do the same for iOS only I have fallen at the first hurdle in that I can’t even test the game on my iPhone. Looked all over the internet and cant seem to solve the issue.

When trying to launch on my iOS device I’m getting the error 'Failed to connect to bundle ‘com.xxxxxx.xxxx’ ’ (let me know if you want to see the full logs). I have re-done the certificate and provisions, double checked the bundle identifier is correct, even tried removing all the temp file in my project folder along with lots of other little tweaks too. Can’t seem to get anything to work which is making me think there is some fundamental error I’m making.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I may be doing wrong?


-Project is blueprints only (This is as far as I know, don’t know if there is a setting I need to change here though?)

-Using iPhone 4 (I haven’t done anything with the phone itself do I need to install any software or change any settings?)

-Windows 10 pc

-UE 4.14.0

-iOS is a supported platform

-Using development certificate with wildcard

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi Blackseed,

Please post your entire output log as a text document and attach. In the meantime:

  • Have you included your bundle identifier from your app id in your project settings
  • Set the Bundle Identifier to the exact same name as the mobile provision identifier in your Project Settings
  • Make sure there are not two plist files in your project>Build>IOS folder. If so, delete the one that has your project name in it and leave the one named info.plist.
  • Review this link: 5. iOS Provisioning - Create App ID


Sorry to interrupt, Should I follow the same process as Setting Up an Unreal Engine Project for iOS | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation for UE 4.14?

I have added more details in last post of this forum. I will appreciate if you can help me as it’s urgent.

Hi ,

Here is the output log from my failed build: Outputlog

At the moment there are no plist files in this folder. Should there be one? Where would I get it from?

Thanks a lot!

ios build fail output log.txt (285.9 kB)

Hi ,

As far as I know its the same process other than step 6 where importing the provisions is now done in the editor, Project settings>ios

Hi ,

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@TheBlackSeed: Are you trying to deploy to an old iphone or an older iOS? Please list the hardware and iOS you are trying to Launch on with -thanks.

Im using an iphone 4s with iOS 9 i think.

I am using a mac now which had some different problem but was able to fix them by making sure the provision or app id cant remember which one as my project name. build is still failing now but i am going to try with an iphone 6 tomorrow. if it fails again then ill let you know.


We do not officially support iPhone 4 but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would fail on that device. Please let me know if you this fails on the iPhone 6 and, if so, please supply a new output log. -thanks.

Was able to launch fine on both iphone 4 and 6 now on mac anyway ( haven’t tested windows) I think it was my app id not being my project name in the end.

I’m getting a different issue now that my UMG images are displaying very glitchey images on both phones for a most of the images. I’m having a look around now to see if anyone had had any similar issues. But let me know if there is a fix for this or its a known bug. Thanks for everything!

The issue was to do with my images not being a power of 2 so can fix it now.

I haven’t scene a power of 2 image problem cause an error with the 'Failed to connect to bundle ‘com.xxxxxx.xxxx’ so it threw me off track. Typically this is detected in the Output Log as an error causing the AutomationTool to fail. In any event, I’m glad you got it working and thanks for posting your solution.

Sorry the power of 2 gave me a separt issue after fixing the bundle one by chaching the app id name. Soory if that wasnt clear