iOS Development Testing Failed

Hello fellow Devs,

I’ve been trying for the past week to engage in Mobile Development after 2 years of PC only, but I was fastly cut off by this iOS certificate thingy. I would build for Android, but hey, the last one I have is completely dead. Let me tell you exactly what happens:

-as you can probably tell, I am not registered in the Apple Developer Program, I just own a normal dev account
-I do own a Mac and a PC, both having UE 4.20.3 installed and my Mac also has Xcode
-when I import the certificate and the mobileprovision that I generate using Xcode (as I do not have access to Apple’s Dev Portal), I export them from their location to my PC (they have the same bundle identifier and other settings, and I also run the app for one time just to be sure evrything is fone) and import them into UE4 and into the Windows Certificate Manager. It just doesn’t work. Trust me, I tried every, single, thing, I could find on Unreal Forums and Unreal Answers
-and so I switched to trying to use the Mac. Again, I generate a certificate, a mobile provision, I import them into Keychain, I run the app from Xcode, I import them manually to UE4 and guess what. It still doesn’t want to package or launch the project on my phone. (Yes, it was connected when generating the certificates and the mobile provisions)
-I went as far as reinstalling for operating systems (I know I am crazy, but I also kind of wanted a fresh start)

Thanks for reading so far! What do you think might be the problem? Btw, everything shows up as valid in UE4, but they are not highlighted in green for some reason, and I tried launching with the certificates and provisions both selected and unselected.

As you can probably imagine, I want to feel the enviornment and see how stuff works on mobile before I jump into serious development on the platform. I cannot afford to spend $100 for something that I will potentially just no be interested in.

It’s not impossible (or all that hard) to get iOS builds going from Windows once you know how. The limitation though is that you cannot have any uncompiled code. Everything has to be blueprints and have binaries already compiled for iOS, plugins included.

Epic provide a step by step guide for setting up the certificate from Windows:…iOS/QuickStart

If you follow the guide properly and figure out the Apple side of things then you’ll be able to release builds. You can even sign them (in fact, modifying the IPA to fix UE icon bugs and resigning it is easier on Windows than on Mac).

Probably the best thing I ever did was buy an actual Mac though. Then you can do releases for Mac and iOS with ease. Just pick up some UE iOS contract work to justify it.

Yeah, I know it is supposed to be easier, but I cannot figure it out. And the project is BP-only. Maybe someone who had the same problem can share their experience?