IOS Developer

Hello Friends,
I’m here for suggestions for a better career option.
Recently I have completed my higher studies from India.
Now planning to start my career as an IOS Developer. But few of my friends are suggesting not to opt for this career as it is a very challenging career though it provides great about of income at the same time it has a lot many challenges. For the time being, I want to keep my focus on what all challenges I need to face as I’m a below-average student.
All suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you

These days Mobile Development is a great skill to have and make future in, and apple devices always stay in trend. People are creating a demand for ios devices and so does it creates the demand for ios developers as well. But the main challenge is that you need to have the relevant skills to build your future as an ios developer and the challenges you need to face as an ios developer are as follows-

Dealing with Storage and Memory Limitations-
It is a challenging task to develop an ios application, ios apps consume a lot of memory and users are not able to operate the application due to various reasons. Being an ios developer you need to build a performance driven application that users can operate easily.

Poor Beta Testing-
It is an important part of launching an apple application. You should be familiar with detecting the bugs and all the problems meanwhile building the application. Being a developer you should be able to recognize the failure and the bugs app can face in the future.

Device Compatibility-
Apple keeps on launching new devices with updated and dynamic features, the developers should keep themselves updated with all the changes to make the same in the application. Because if you will fail at knowing it then the new updates and changes would effect it.

In the technology industry changes occur every minute and being a developer you should be aware of all of them and should have a constant update on the same so that you can have a growing future in this field, for more information regarding the challenges faced by ios developers you can go through this informative blog post Challenges Faced by iOS Developers and can have a better clarity.