iOS Dev - Performance on Macbook system as development "tool"


I was reading the system requirements and I came up with the following question…
Can I use the engine even with a macbook pro 13" retina 2012 (8GB RAM, Ivy Bridge…, i5 2.50 Ghz)? I know that it won’t run all features of unreal 4 engine but a mobile platform anyway runs on lower spec… So can I work with the engine without having lags during my workflows? Any experience?

Just dont want to have a poor performance if I start developing a game with unreal engine 4 via my macbook…

Thank you

It will run ok, A lot of people are having issues with the performance on mac. So expect a update soon for fixes and such.

Hey Guys -

We have a hot fix that is available to help with performance on Mac. The link along with other suggestions can be found here

Thank you… for your replies… I just will try to get some basic things first done and play little arround to get used to that great engine!!!