IOS Deployment with Free Dev Account

Hello Everyone, I am unable to enroll into the paid developer account for unknown reason “cannot complete your enrollment” even apple support were not helpful so currently this is out of the picture.

However, free developer account provides a certificate and a mobile provision profile

importing them to UE4 in order to deploy has failed miserably.

UE Version : 4.26.2

MacOS Version: 11.5.1

IOS Version: 14.7.1

I tried both c++ and BP projects.

I have been working on this for the past week, i have removed the provisioning profiles and added new ones, i removed the certificate and created a new one and added it. still same issue every time i try to launch on my IPAD

i tried auto sigh with TeamID, it builds and it says that its transferring to the IPad but that has failed as well.

im really exhausted just trying to playtest the game on IPAD. any one can assist in solving this ?

sidenote : i tried deploying a Unity game and it installed normally and worked, XCode application as well. but UE4…

Thank you in advanced !