IOS Deploy issues | 'didFailWithError.'

Every time when i try to deploy or pack an iOS game (templates as well) in 4.6 as well 4.7p2/p3 the packaging hangs with this* message and fails.
Also ‘Launch’ on device doesn’t work.

Certificate & Provisioning Profile is correctly loaded (i’ve setup extra new ones to be sure)… Using xcode 6.1.1 / iOS 8.1.2 / iPhone 6 Plus

Update This happens when i compile with Metal . Forward Rendering & Deferred Shading (which is new in 4.7, i know) - ES2 seem to work just fine.

*LogHttp:Warning: didFailWithError. Http request failed - The request timed out.{21B43168-FB48-EEFE-7263-E5A2F2F8EC81}&AppID=Rocket.Release&AppVersion=4.7.0-2397709%2B%2B%2Bdepot%2BUE4-Releases%2B4.7&UserID=4277198c5c983fb319f89d131d0efd2d&IsEditor=1&AppEnvironment=Development&UploadType=eteventstream: 0x7fde34b07b10

Any suggestions what might be wrong?

Sadly there wasn’t help… / well / i figured ES2 and Forward Rendering (Metal) works. When you have setup painfully exact your Provisioning and Certificate (seems… so… at least) - i still get similar errors - but it builds and i can load the IPA file via iTunes to my IPhone.