iOS crash on closing down app


We have recently discovered that our game is crashing when a user double clicks to constrain the app and then closes it we get a crash and TestFlight then asks if we want to report it every time.

It seems to be linked to the UE Issue 62299 (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-62299)). Was wondering if anyone else was seeing this, currently on 4.22.3, but looking to move to 4.24 soon.

Check the game logs what are the last happenings at the time the problem occures, maybe it gives you a hint where to look. For example in a cooked desktop game, substance can cause the app to hang for as long as 5 minutes after termination, which probably is something IOS wouldn’t tolerate.

Generally speaking however, crash on app exit can happen for a multitude of reasons, far beyond the scope of that ticket.

Understand that it can happen for many reasons and it hasn’t been a major problem up to now - but with TestFlight builds it asks if we want the crash report sharing each time and makes the game look more broken than it is. It is possibly linked to some texture streaming although the debug information is very sparse and not pointing at anything in particular.

Was trying to find out if this was a wider known issue within the engine or something very specific to our own game we need to fix.