iOS Certification issue while uploading to Apple App Store - will pay for help


I’ve been having issues with uploading my project to the Apple App Store.

So far I’ve been able to package my project for iOS and I was able to successfully test it out on my iPad so that I know that it works.

Then I changed some things with my certificate and repackaged the app, and now it doesn’t work on my iPad.

I also wasn’t able to upload it to the Apple App Store, I got an error that it didn’t recognize the certificate.

I’m looking for someone who’s experienced with this type of issue already who’s willing to help me with it.

I’m willing to pay someone for their time too if they’re willing to do a video conferencing session and fix this issue.

Or if you’re willing to help me on here please let me know and I can show you all of my current settings etc.

Thanks in advance!!


When building for the App Store make sure you have the setting Project - Packaging -> Project -> For Distribution checked. Checking Full Rebuild is probably a good idea too. I wish you luck - all this mucking around with Apple certs etc etc etc is irksome.