iOS Certificate not working windows


I’m trying to package an development build for iOS. Usually I work on windows and android, so I adviced my girlfriend to generate an provision and certificate file for me. I imported those files, but I can’t package as it says I need a provision and a certificate. The provision is “valid”, but not green:

The import proccess for the certificate doesn’t throw an error, but the list remains still empty and it says “No certificates found”. When I open the certificate manager in windows, I can see the imported certificate and without certificate the provision says “no certificate for provision found”. So do you guys have any idea what I can do?

Thank you very much and best wishes

the problem is most likely youre using the newer xcode 11 certificates, they dont show up in the editor and USUALLY dont work… you have to use the older ios certificates.
I just made a bunch of unreal ios tutorials that can probably help you Unreal Engine 4 IOS Tutorials - YouTube

thx for your answer! I watched your videos, but I still have some questions; When I create an older certificate using an older version of XCode, will this work on Windows as well? And will it work even without paying the 100$ fee? I don’t want to publish the app, it’s just for testing purposes.

Well, thank you very much! I was able to import the certificate correctly, so my settings look like this:

But I still get this error, when I try to package:

Do you have an idea on how to fix this? I’m working on a windows machine, but configured a Mac as remote build server.