iOS bundle ID input will not accept * (wildcard)?

This is a bit of a sanity check. Looking at the documentation for creating a wildcard app id for iOS development it is stated that one should enter an asterisk (*) as the last digit in the bundle ID field, when creating an wildcard app ID.

iOS provisioning documentation

Apple suggests the same when creating the ID in appstore connect developer platform.
However, when filling in the Bundle Identifier entry under Platform iOS Bundle information in the project settings, the character * is not allowed!

An notice pops up: “Identifier may only contain the characters 0-9, A-Z, a-z, period, hyphen, or [PROJECT_NAME]”

This leaves us at a bit of an impasse. If a wildcard ID must have an * at the end but it is not possible to enter it, then what?

Is this working as intended? Is this some kind of oversight, or has this been done with some purpose or other mode of operation in mind? Is it still possible to use wildcard IDs?

the * character in the wildcard is meant to be replaced by any desired name (only 0-9, A-Z, a-z, period, hyphen) or you can simply leave it to [PROJECT_NAME].

So for example:


com.yourcompanyname.[PROJECT_NAME] will automatically use the projects name at the end.