iOS build - UE4 generates wrong info.plist


so there is a slight problem with the ipa we want to produce. It contains generated info.plist that doesn’t correspond with the settings from UE4. We are currently using 4.12 since we are at a release state of the app…

We want it to be available only for iPads and iOS 9.0 version or higher… These we checked in the project settings…
Then the generated info.plist has these parameters.
Does anyone have a solution? I tried to rewrite the info.plist but then I had problems resigning the IPA… so that didn’t work for me…

Thanks for the help.

Hey Grandpano,

I’ve done some digging in our database to determine if this was a bug or not, and I came across some information that was valid starting as early as 4.7.

We no longer use the info.plist - all
settings are now set in the Project
Settings. The Info.plist that goes
into the app is generated from the
Project Settings.

Does that help resolve the issue for you?

Have a great day

Hey Sean,

We know that the info.plist is generated by the engine. I propably asked the question wrong.

But the problem here is, that UE4 generates the info.plist with wrong parameters. It ignores my checkers as shown on the screenshots above… That is what the BUG is. And I was asking if there is some fix for that or any workaround.

Thank you for your response though.

Ah, okay my mistake. I misunderstood the issue. I tested this in 4.15, and it appears to be working as intended there. Due to the age of the version you’re working in, this is likely something that was fixed in a future release. I couldn’t find a relevant ticket in our database, unfortunately, so I’m not able to provide an exact fix changelist at this time.

Have a great day