IOS Build Provision not found and Signing Key not found


I’ve been looking through all other threads for solutions to this problem and have not found anything yet. I hope someone has some knowledge about this that can help.

I am trying to package my project for development in IOS. When importing the certificate and mobile provision file, they have the status as valid. However, when going into packaging and then to IOS, it fails by giving the following error:

PackagingResults:Error: Error Provision not found. A provision is required for deploying your app to the device.
PackagingResults:Error: Error Signing key not found. The app could not be digitally signed, because the signing key is not configured.

I’ve seen so many threads with this same issue, but no one has a definite solution.

I’ve checked the bundle identifier (most common solution) and made sure that is correct. I have even tried packaging a blank project to use the default settings (another solution).

My provision and the certificate are valid according to the AppleDev website.

Any other knowledge on this subject would be extremely helpful.

Thank you.