IOS build on PC with custom (editor only) plugin code?

Hi there,

What’s the best way to setup the editor with custom C++ plugin code that is aimed at editor only functionality (build automation, importing, etc)?

I added a custom actor class so that the right click option to create visual studio solution worked, but now it won’t build for IOS on PC.

What’s the workaround for this?

Hmmm, perhaps maintain the plugin in a separate uproject, then copy over the directory to the actual project where it’s used. Seems to work as an approach…

This is what I’m doing. It works but I got stung by the fact that having the non code project open causes the code project to build hotreloads.

Otherwise I am able to build my plugin in project A and copy to project B which is capable of building core editor assets for IOS on PC because it doesn’t know I’m sneaking code in.