iOS build keeps failing

I was wondering if someone could help me out on figuring out why my build keeps failing.


Pasty Bin:

Try to disable armv7s platform in Project Settings -> iOS.

This has helped me get further with the iOS compile! Thank you! However I still can’t compile the app properly, I’m getting another error in the log. Please see below:

iOS build error #2 -

Now your PC can’t connect to your Mac. Check internet connection and network settings.

I had to re-edit my rsyncd.conf file. I’m compiling it now. I’ll post again if I come across any errors.

Hi! Could you very kindly share the template for the rsyncd.conf file with me? I’m stuck at that step

Hey Mykita, I’ve used this link as a guideline to set up remote building for iOS on my PC. Below is an example of my rsyncd.conf

At the moment my build/packaging keeps failing at the cooking step. If anyone can guide me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Pasty Bin!


If you haven’t figured out this issue quite yet, please let me know which version of the engine you’re on. You can also post a question to AnswerHub if you haven’t already.