[IOS] Blueprint Class Default Values Not Setup


I have two blueprints,

Blueprint X

  • Has a variable (int) “width”, which defines how many segments of a Wall are created inside its construction graph

Blueprint Y, child of Blueprint X

  • Sets the default-value of “width” to another value
  • Calls the parents Constructor in its own constructor

When I package this project for IOS, the second Blueprint Y, fails to generate the correct amount of walls. It always generates the same amount (specified by Blueprint X), unless i manually set the variable “width” (inside blueprint, with a set-node) before calling the parents constructor.

This behavior is only noticed on IOS… PC, Mac, and Android behave correctly.

I am using 4.8.3

Hey ,

Are you using the engine from the Epic Games Launcher, or from GitHub? Also, have you attempted to try this project on 4.9 Preview 3? If so, did it function exactly as it did in 4.8.3?

In order to better assist you, it’d be very helpful to have the full screenshots of the blueprints in order to reproduce this issue and enter it into .

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hey ,

I have not heard from you since your initial post and for that reason, I must close this thread out as resolved. However, if you happen to have any further questions, please do not hesitate in replying back as we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Thanks! :slight_smile: