[IOS]AudioCaptureCrash (AudioCaptureAudioUnit) 4.27 source

I made a game with a pawn that uses AudioCapture
Android: Everythink ok
Windows Everything OK
IOS: AudioCapture always capture 0 data and when you change scene or close the app, it crashes all . If i load the pawn with the Audio CaptureComponent and i capture nothing, just stay there and then change level, or exit app, the game crash anyways.
any solution? according to UE4 git source ios should be supported using AudioCaptureAudioUnit
Search · AudioCaptureAudioUnit (

My app is requesting permissions with plist and making a function call (the prompt window appears at the beginning), but just the presence of the component makes everthing collapses

any help with this? i need to solve it for my job