iOS App Tracking Transparency Plugin (IDFA Request Dialog)


Recently, apple forced all new apps, that uses analytics and monetization with IDFA usage to ask for user permission. Our app got rejected because of that, so I’ve made a small plugin to show this dialog. This plugin will be useful, until Epic Games integrate it natively inside Unreal Engine.

The plugin is opensource and hosted on Github.

Setup and usage instructions can be found in Readme inside git repo. Feel free to use and modify it and make pull requests!

Compiled the plugin for 4.27 but it does not seem to be working. Are you able to verify or update the plugin from your end so we can have it working on 4.27 please.

Much appreciated

@Kosar Hi! Sorry for a delay.

Just have checked and it works fine with 4.27. No special settings needed.

I don’t think It’ll compile for UE5.1. Lots of the code changed.