iOs admob?

Show banner function says that it will include iAd for iOs and admob for android. But is it possible to use admob on iOs?

Yes. It’s possible. Tested on iPad2.

How did you manage to do it?

I think you have to create you own verion which use admob in ios.

hi ,body,I created this plugin for you

Hey, without your plugin I can see admob on iOs. You just have to edit “DefaultEngine.ini” and “Build.cs” thus:


Only I have a question. Where I have to put “Ad Mob Ad Unit ID” to “iOS”? I can not find how to do it in “Project Settings”. However I can see advertisements on iOs without putting it.

I don’t think you can use admob in ios without my plugin ,becasue the current ue version dosen’t have implemented it yet.

if you use my plugin ,then the Ad Mob Ad Unit ID is the same like you set in android settings.

you just need to enable this plugin.
and set DefaultProviderName=GoogleMobileAds

Hey man, thanks for the plugin. However I do not own a mac so I am doing all my work in blueprints because otherwise I cannot deploy the game to my iPhone. Will adding your plugin interfere with that(I think yes because it has c++ in it)?
And I would use show/hide banner as usual, only thing I have to do is place iOs admob id in iOs and android admob id in android project settings, right?

hi CroHrvoje ,I think you should need a mac server for remote compile ,except you use my build version of ue4game.stub.
with my plugin you can use the show/hide banner as usual. the admob id only need setted in android setting panel.

The link to your plugin is down, anyway you can update it? or email it to me? Thanks.

See this video ADMOB Unreal Engine 4:

See this video ADMOB Unreal Engine 4:

Have you figured out a way to get admob on iOS? Where do I put the ad ID?

The link to the plugin is broken

You’re probably going to want to look into using the Universal Ad Plugin.

Indeed, like Higuy8000 said, Universal Mobile Ads now supports AdMob Mediation for iOS :slight_smile:

have a look at this:
it support Admob on ios.