IOS Achevment not failing not succeding

i used this blueprint for writing achievement on android it was perfect and working just fine,
but now i try to port my game to IOS and write achievement seems to be silent, or perhaps i made some mistake at the itunes connect level ??

here is what i did:

  • i followed the instruction for creating certificates as mentioned in the documents.
  • i created a adhoc provision profile so i can have access to game center
  • i havn’t submit my game for review on appstore as i am not sure if the achievement will work
  • i added all the achievement on iTunes connect
  • i made sure that the name of the achievement in both blueprint and iTunes Connect are the same
  • i activated Sandbox on my ios device

the game center login and achievement button works fine and it shows all the registered achievement perfectly on my IOS device

but when write to achievement it niether succeed nor fails !!

am i missing something?

ufffffff, when writing to achievement i was calling the name of the not the ID of the achievement , apparently we have to call the ID of the achievement instead of the name, silly me