Ios 9 and XCode 7

Does 4.8 work with ios 9 beta / Xcode 7 beta?

I hope i can help…?!
I’ve tried to install / compile the 4.8 source code via XCode 7 but it didn’t work at all.
That being said: the engine starts on OS X 10.11 DP1/DP2 but the editor window doesn’t render properly (shows rendered up in mission control) – i wasn’t able to push to iOS 9 either.

That happens to be not unusual.
Interestingly UE 4.7.6 did run (render the editor) but random crashes.

I will try out DP3 later today… and update this comment.

Thank you Vasco - Was hoping to get hear some tentative results before putting ios 9 on device…

Looking forward to hear your results…

Thanks again

After testing few days! And a dead Retina MacBook Pro (some strange RAM issue…)
OSX 10.11 DP3 & iOS 9 B3 >>are not<< ready at all yet. However they are both solid betas and all the tweaks Apple made are quite a big deal.

UE4 4.8/1/2 seem basically not to run because of mono that crashes.
Interestingly Unity 5.x runs just fine - so I’m rather puzzled.
And again UE 4.7.6 at least starts and shows up the Editor - using it is a different story though.

> FYI for Mac Users - El Capitan < that seems kind of a solution