iOs 15 problem with Live Link Face app

On all 15.1 iOs devices I’ve tested so far the app don’t send head pitch/roll/yaw, values are constant at 0.000. Working fine with iOs 14.8 even on the equal iPhones (11 pro here, one with 14.8 one with 15.1). This is a dealbreaker here please anyone else check. Simply install the app and enable “Blendshape Data” in settings to be able to see the numerical values. HeadPitch, HeadRoll, HeadYaw are 0.000 on phones with iOs 15.1 but are realistically changing on devices with iOs 14.8.

tested so far on:
iPhone 11 pro with iOs 15.1
iPhone 12 with iOs 15.1

iPhone 11 pro with 14.8
iPad pro 2021 with 14.8

Did you check the current IOS documentation for the feature?
I dont remember the name of it. But it is its own SDK that receives changes over time.

You probably have to update the sdk in the project/plugin to be able to use newer iphone(s) and IOS versions as the system will likely send data with different variables.

Ha that’s it.
ARKit - check the updates for it. Something like a variable name or functionality change is likely documented

The Epic Live Link Face app itself don’t record the head roll/pitch/yaw. The values remains at 0 in the app. You don’t need any Unreal on any platform to reproduce the app bug.