iOS 14.6 app support

We’ve just found that our app builds that worked fine on iOS 14.5 do not run on iOS 14.6 with the app bringing up a message that the app needs to be updated for the latest version of iPadOS.

We think that this may be due to it being a requirement of iOS 14.6 for 64bit apps however we haven’t been able to find a way to set these settings in the UE4 remote build toolchain.

Has anyone else bumped into this issue? (Incidentally, in order to build for iOS 14.6, you also need XCode 12.5 on your Mac build machine which in itself requires the MacOS to be updated to Big Sur)

Have a look at this Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-114823)
and this iOS 14.5 breaks all Unreal apps made on Windows (and temporary workaround)
Good luck!

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@IslandPlaya - thanks for the suggestions here - the code signing on Mac looks like it’s fixed this issue and will test 4.27 signing fix for this.

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