IOS 12 Arkit Shadows


I am having a weird issue after upgrading ios 12. I could get proper working modulated shadows on IOS 11. It had all the normal behaviours as expected with IOS 11, but after upgrade, i started to have glitchy shadows on the meshs(They are all movable, spawning by blueprints and i am using stationary directional light with modulated shadows checked) I am trying to solve this issue since 2 days, but i couldn’t remove these glitches… Does anybody have working proper shadows with ARKIT and on iPadPro or on iPhone with IOS 12? I am using UE 4.20.3.

I’d be really appreciated, if you save me.


Hi again,

After days of trying different shadowing techniques i just released the problem is about Metal Shader version. I downgraded it to Metal V1.1 and shadows started to behave normal again… If i select metalV1.2 or Metal V2 i start to see glitchy shadows again…

Good to know! Would be great if you could report this bug to Epic though via the usual channel: Unreal Engine Community

That way they can hopefully fix it so we can use the newer Metal shader versions…

thanks ahmets for me the Metal V1.1 fixed my glitches