Invoking events of overlapping in Editor work strange

I tried moving an actor in editor to invoke overlapping events.
Begin Overlapped event was triggered well, but after that I moved it out of the volume of shape for sensing overlapping.
End Overlapped event wasn’t triggered. Is it intended or bug?


Hello Varioov,

Events in the eventgraph should only be triggering when the game is being played or simulated. If you are playing, then you can open the blueprint with the events and use the debug filter to watch the executions.

Can you be more specific as to what is happening when you overlap and end overlap? Does the execution trigger at all? Also, are you playing in editor or simulating? A screenshot of your Blueprint’s eventgraph may help.


Yeah, I forgot a important thing to tell you.
In editor, I ejected from a player controller.
First, I moved an actor into the volume of another actor and “Begin Overlapped Event” was triggered.
Second, I moved an actor out of the volume of same another actor, “End Overlapped event” was not triggered.

The Point is that I moved an actor by cursor directly.

Everything seems working fine except for the case I moved an actor directly by cursor in editor ejecting from a controller.

Plus, there were no errors on blueprint debugger.

Hi Varioov,

I tested this using a simple overlap event with a print string on the end overlap. I was able to unpossess my character, then select them and drag them through the overlap area and the string prints. Can you tell me if you can recreate that and see if the string prints for you? Also, when you say there were no errors, could you see the execution firing from the End Overlap?

If you want, I could take a look at a screenshot of your Blueprints and see if there is anything that may be causing an issue.


I uploaded a video relating to it on youtube. link is bandicam 2014 08 27 13 19 41 201 - YouTube

When I’m moving an actor into the volume, “In Enemy~~” appears on left top corner. But, I’m moving it out of the volume, no messages appear.

It only occurs in this situation. when I move it by AddActorLocationOffset during game play, It works well.

Thank you for that video, it clarifies a lot. It looks like we are getting different results, because I am seeing the end overlap event firing on my test. I am glad you are able to work around it for now, but I will keep looking into this to try and get a repro. I am having some other techs try as well.

I’m marking this as answered for now, but if anything changes I will add more information. If you find out anything else, please post that as well.