Invoking compiler from UBT

Guys, is command invoking cl compiler hardcoded in UBT or is it possible to actually specify which compiler to invoke?

Thank you.

Basically it’s hard-coded as far as I can see.

Take a look at Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/ and then specific platform like Mac/ , Windows/ or Linux/.

You will notice there how the compiler directive is put together and could be possibly changed, perhaps to an Intel compiler for example.

Hi, by compiler directive do you mean compiler’s arguments line? The one combined via: static string GetCLArguments_Global(CPPEnvironment CompileEnvironment) ?
How would you go about specifying different compiler?

On Unix variants it’s defined in the RegisterToolChain function of MacToolChain.cs and LinuxToolChain.cs

For Windows, if you search fro VCToolPath in VCToolChain.cs there are some references there, but I can’t say specifically because Window is not my primary platform.

thanks, will try to do ‘soming’ with it :wink: