Invoker-like Spell System

Hey guys, first time posting here but i am in need of a little help gameplay wise.
So i have been struggling to create a ability system that is similar to Dota 2’s Invoker character where you can create different spells based on what current orb and what order the orbs were placed at.
I understand the basic concept where you get an array of max 3 elements. if you create an orb, that becomes the first index of the array and then when you create another orb, push the existing one down the line of the array so that the latest orb you created will always be at the start of the array.

The part im having trouble with is the pushing of the existing orb down the line of the array.

Hey guys, this has been solved by the help of a friendly reddit user of u/503dev :slight_smile:
It turns out i was overthinking mechanic and doing it a roundabout way.

Instead of setting each array index individually and storing it to a variable, i used a insert node and insert the new element at [0] then simply get the last index of the array and delete it.