Invisible Third Person Player

I need to write a function that loads the players clothing stored in Game Save.

If your player’s clothing is stored in Game Save (by way of an Enum), does the function that displays the player’s clothing need to be written in the Game Instance? Does game instance instantiate the Third Person Character?

I can see my character dressed in level 1(cause that’s where I select his clothing). Then I play the game, collect all the coins and get teleported to level 2. But in level 2, there is no player, just his capsule collider. I guess he is there, he is just not dressed with his saved clothing.

Everything (any variables) you want to keep (save) between permanent levels must be pushed in game instance. Game instance is the only “God” that doesn’t get destroyed along with any persistant level, it only gets destroyed when you exit the application - in your case, the game.
However, if you keep your permanent level and stream in additional levels, things change, but that’s another story altogether.

Cheers & good luck!

Awesome! Thank you, Claudiu.Schwartz.

I need some help loading the character clothes that was saved into the Enums. I still do not see the character loading in level 2.

  1. In Game Instance, I created a “Construct Avatar” function to load the STRUCT, break out the Enum categories, get the Third Person Character, and show the appropriate clothes based on the Enum category selection.
    (The show clothing functions are coming from the Third Person Character BP, so I’m casting to the Third Person Character BP to grab the show clothing functions.)
  2. Then, when level 2 opens, run the “Construct Avatar” function.

Still trying to find out why my player does not show up when I portal to level 2.

  1. The default pawn class is set to the “Third Person Character”
  2. There is “Player Start” in the level.

Pfff…Sorry man, there can be a thousand things wrong…You should try debugging and see how/where the code goes, frame by frame, (in case you never done this before, read a little bit about it here:
Otherwise, it could be anything: lack of a player start configured properly, initialization of camera (your prtscr looks pretty much like you are there, but just lost your camera initialization), or even the engine’s initialization sequence of actors which can cause breaking of references. In some cases, your Controller gets “spawned” after some/most of the actors, and it differs from editor to cooked build, which may get nasty.
Anyway, I’d suggest you debug your code and maybe you figure something out, see where things break, and start addressing problems from there.
Good luck! :slight_smile: