Invisible thing blocking movement with BSP brush – problem/ issue

Im new to UE4 and im creating a level by blocking it out first with bsp brushes. I used the third person template as a starter and created my own level within the same folder.
I use the geometry editing tool to shift the bsp into various shaped objects within the level (walls, floors, tables, ect.). on one side of the map in a hallway there is some invisible thing blocking movement, if I jump over it and land within the area my character is stuck and cannot move. The running animation plays but it cannot move, I can jump again and again till I leave the problem zone. The zone continues on the x axis through a wall. If I rebuild the geometry of the level the blockage goes away but in the same areas are invisible steps which pushes my character up to various heights instead.

I checked if there was any assets invisible there and nothing, I tried shifting moving the level to another location to see if it was an area problem, I deleted all assets near the area (half the level gone) and it still happen, I replaced the floor and walls with new bsp and the problem stayed.

The only other things I have changed with the third person template is making the camera a child of the character so I can move it to first person and you can see his legs.
I posted a video showing the issue so hopefully its easier to understand.

any help would be great

You could try to check your player Collision if there is anything in the way.