Invisible Meshes on certain mobile devices

Hi all, I really don’t know what is happening to my project so I’m asking for help.

I have an Android mobile game where we are testing on as many mobile devices as possible to get rid of all the bugs and there is one bug that is bothering me, and here is the situation:

On Samsung devices (from S7 Edge and forward), everything works fine, all my meshes appear on the game, materials have the right textures and etc (using deferred renderer)

However, on Zenfone and Motorola Devices (specially the X4) some meshes simply disappear and other materials do not render correctly. I really don’t know what is happening, and we’ve tried these steps so far:

1 - changing to forward renderer and packaging (ASTC), the output was even worse than before, now even on Samsung devices this problem occurs;

2 - Changing the Skeletal mesh of one the enemies that wasn’t appearing, nothing changed;

3 - Clearing the material from the meshes that wasn’t appearing, nothing changed;

4 - Packaging the game on Multi texture format, that increase APK size, but nothing changed;

I’m attaching two screenshots of the game, one on mobile devices (which and you only see our main character and nothing more) and the other on PIE (where you can see everything that was supposed to appear).

If you guys want to download it and test it, the link is (the game is in Brazilian Portuguese but you can play without any problems)

Please, I’ll be really grateful if someone help me on this one!


It turns out that some of the missing textures were with “special” characters (Ç, Á, Ã, and one of them was with Space instead of underline _).

Silly mistake, yeah. But it is resolved.