Invisible Mesh/Face from Certain Angles

I’m not sure if this post belongs in the UE forums, however I’m not having the issue until I import it into unreal. This is my first 3d product and I’m slowly just learning UE4 as well, so I’m not too sure what to try other than selecting all the faces and pressing ctrl + N, which is what other forums suggested other people with the same issue to try. Unfortunately it’s not fixing my issue.

All help is greatly appreciated! (And feel free to toss in other advice as well.)

I can not see what’s the problem with your mesh, but if you have tried fix the normal, you may want to make your material a Two-Sided one.

He means Mesh Normals not Normal Maps (Texture) Blender Normals in 1 minutes - YouTube

The Two sided Material is a simple checkbox in the Material thats the lazy mans way and will cost you a bit of Performance. Material Properties | Unreal Engine Documentation

Asside from that you can see that you have polygons inside your Axe you should get rid of them too.

It’s hard to see but in the very center of the axe (the red part) the face is missing and you’re seeing right through to the other side. And I’m not sure what you mean by fixing the normal and making it two sided. I know which file is the normal, but i don’t know how to make it two ssided. The only thing I’ve tried was in blender and it fixed the whole axe except for the one face that I mentioned above

Upload your .blend file