Invisible mesh and projectile disable for new level?

Hy guys,

Please can someone advise on the best way to simply disable my projectile and make mesh invisible in new level?

I’m working in a small game with 2 levels, one which is first person walk through and the other where arm mesh and gun are visible and all items have physic applied and the gamer can shoot anything in the level.

many thanks

Hi man , you can set the visibility of any mesh in your level, inside your actor blueprint you can use the node "“Set visibility”.
You can also set some if “branch” in the blueprint to check whatever lever you are and so set the visibitilty of your mesh.“Set Active” your actor, and sure, put an “if” inthe gun , and dont shoot / spawn bullet if your dont want.

Hy Est_engine.

Big thanks for answering my question so fast. Im a visualiser and like most seniors trying to make the most of the amazing features and interactivity on UE4.
I have previously checked the visibility setting within the actor blueprint, but this changes the actor for all the levels.

Are you able to attach an example or link that would explain this best.

Many thanks