Invisible landscape in packaged HoloLens build

Hello everyone,

I recently started looking into Unreal Engine for HoloLens Gen 2 application development.
I have the problem that my landscape actors are not visible in packaged HoloLens 2 build but are visible in the Editor Viewport as well as in the VR preview or when streaming to the HoloLens device.

Here is a short description for a minimal repoducable scene:
I created a new blank project and setup the project as descibed in Microsofts official Step-byStep tutorial for Unreal Engine on HoloLens. I created a empty scene with a point light, a cube and a landscape actor generated from a given heightmap texture. In order to sort out any problems with the lighting, I created a new emissive material and applied the same material to both cube and landscape. I created an ARSessionConfig asset and start the ARSession using the config via the level blueprint on startup. Next I deployed the application to the device using the UE Quick Start guide.

Do you have any ideas what could be the problem here? I recently found that there was a bug regarding the visiblity of landscape actors which can be mitigared by setting the terrain’s resize mode to resample. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. The application log from the run on the HoloLens is attached.

link text

Exactly the same thing is happening to me too. Anyone knows why?