Invisible Collision Wall

Hey so im making a game where i want the player to not be able to walk through a certain wall, but I also want the AI to be able to walk through it. I’ve tried messing with collisions and it either blocks out me and the player or doesn’t block anyone. Suggestions?

You could create a separate collision channel for your AI + then set the collision of your wall to ignore the AI collision channel :slight_smile:

Setting up collisions is the way. But if you cannot do it, you can always add invisible pelvis mesh that has matching collision response to your wall. Yes it is hack, but may work.

Also one tip about character collision, it is a bit messed up (because optimization), so try setting collision for character capsule not for skeletal mesh. You can also force skeletal mesh to register collision but its a bit messed up (ie. you need to set 3 different things correctly for it to work, so simple change and try does not work most of time, because its hard to accidentaly set 3 things correctly at once). And sorry i forgot what those settings are exactly and i do not want to confuse you by giving incorrect namrs.

Thanks but how can i go about creating a separate collision channel?

That’s how you can create a separate channel: :slight_smile:
There you can choose a separate object type - assign it to your AI - change the settings in your wall mesh to ignore the collision from the AI