Invisible Box Trigger Barrier with the Main Player Pawn

The Box Trigger Collision Area is interfering with the player, causing hitching movement problems when stepping into the trigger, so after the player walks into the trigger area and it
fires off then after the subtitle has finished playing, the player is caught up in the invisible box trigger like there’s an invisible wall in the way still blocking the player.

This should not be even happening. Once the player is inside the trigger area they should be able to just smoothly walk back of it again without that
invisible barrier blocking their way.

How do I resolve this?


If it is a box trigger which only triggers a cutscene, you could always just destroy the trigger actor once it has been fired once. But i suspect its not the trigger blocking your pawn, but something which is brought in during your cutscene… Otherwise you would not be able to walk into it in the first place.

Its not a facial animation cutscene, but its the engine’s built-in subtitle text Dialog system. Is there any way to style the subtitles to change color, font type, size ect ?

I am not sure, I have not used it sorry. You could always build your own.

The Problem is the Collision of the trigger is causing problems.