Invisible box blocking a way

While I was walking around, something blocks my way and I don’t know why. When I walk straight, it pushes me away to the right/left. The first time I walk it was okay, but then it blocks my way

Change the level editor view mode from “Lit” to “Player Collision” and check if something is in the way. Also run “show collision” console command during run-time.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I have read the other post. If you are blocked from entering the house, try this: Open the house mesh in the Unreal Editor and change Details->Collision->Collision Complexity to be “Use Complex Collision as Simple”.

Are you spawning your player? If so, it could be the default first person blocking the way…

linked below is a post which is very similar and by the same poster so people know whats been suggested already.

It worked, thx for the answer