Invisible armor in game but dev kit and inventory

Hey all,

I am pretty new into ARK modding and I would like to know if there is a fix to the problem I have.
Thing is, whenever I equip armor in Dev Kit after I copied Flak’s BPs and worked with meshes and materials etc etc, it works super well on Dev Kit, but on the singleplayer through the workshop…

As you can clearly see, my character on the left does not get meshes of the rest of the pieces but the helmet. Any ideas what I have to do?

Its fine in Dev Kit, looks like this:

I appreciate any kind of a help in advance.

UPD1: I think it might be an issue with a skeleton for skeletal meshes I use, its a generated one from the import. I will try to assing the Male_TPV_Skeleton and see if this works. - No luck.