Just wanted to gather some ideas from more experienced users.
I have this game (multiplayer) that has two teams. What Im trying to do is that when “X” player is invisible, teammembers can see that he is invisible but lets say its kinda “translucent” (so they know they are invi), on the other side, enemies teammembers wont see him at all.

How would you guys achieve this? I know isHidden will hide the player completely, however I cant seem to find a way to do “X” code on the client side only that will leave the player hidden (on enemies) and translucent on teammembers…


did you find a way to do this ?

You could utilize an enumeration for this. I would recommend setting it up like this N/A, Invisible A, Invisible B. A & B represent what team the invisible player is on and N/A is used for when invisibility is disabled. When the server reports the information to clients they can be asked what state of the enumeration they are in using the switch on enumeration node. From there, you can say that if you are on Team B then the server reports that the specific character is in the state of Invisible A, therefore make him invisible. If you are on Team A then he would simply be semi transparent considering his enumeration state is Invisible A.

Note: Store this enumeration on each Character Blueprint or PlayerState depending on your work flow