Invidual blueprint -> c++ converting

I think it would be beneficial if we could make a c++ copy of specific blueprints without compiling the entire project. This would be an amazing learning tool as well allow on the fly blueprint to c++ converting for those that map out projects in blueprints then move to c++.

It would also allow to test does blueprint actually benefit from this and does it actually work.

The generated C++ code is not meant to be ever read or even edited by humans, it does not look good.

but its good to know how editor generated code, so you can design your blueprints to be faster.

Even if not clean it would be interesting to see how blueprints look in c++. I’ve been having a fun time(sarcasm) trying to get Paper2D to work through c++.

Ohhhh I feel your pain.

This is not the way to go to learn that though. Still this would be useful.

Then check the Paper2D plugin and dive into the code, you have all files generated in C++ of the BP when compile in a subfolder, but that is not usable at all.

I can’t check the generated files because generation fails due to random reasons. Apparently blueprint -> c++ doesn’t like functions which return actor results with find all actors of class. I will locate the Paper2D plugin though, hopefully I’ll get some answers there.

I’ve posted on this before, unless im interpreting this thread wrong. The C++ to BP converter is not meant for you to examine the generated code or really even learn how it’s generated, i mean we obviously have the source so you can lean how its generated but the time and effort needed to reverse engineer it the would be far greater than just learning to code the blueprint in C++ in the first place.

Look at my post about the generation, and what is it that gets generated.

Look for kaziu’s post about the 4.12 version of the plugin

Also remember that a blueprint to c++ converter is not magical, it takes your bp code and converts it, it cannot make bad code better, in fact it can and will make b ad bp’s worse.