[Investment system] SCI FI / Fantasy mushroom [Update 1 lives]

Fantasy / SCI FI musroom

investment system : start at small price, but when asset get added. the price will rise up, early backers will got new asset for free.

description : collection of unique mushroom, that designed to be harvested like an item in RPG. complete with 5 LOD step, with wide texture range (2k - 128).

the asset consist of 5 different unique mushroom, 4 mushroom have :

  1. harvested part
  2. not harvested part
  3. items

(item are skeletal mesh, they have 5 LOD step include vertices. and all “item” have rotating animation).

can be used for vegetation, instead of mushroom.

feel free to ask a suggestion for next updated asset as well.

note : all asset use PBR based material.

image :



link / additional details :…ntasy-mushroom

current price : $8

[changelog] [update 1]

added :

  1. 1 new muhroom (RoundBell) include items (all have LOD 5 step with vert reduction) (the mushroom and its item are animated (for round bell only))
  2. fixed mushroom who have no LOD
  3. change shadow resolution on all static mesh mushroom to 512.
  4. price will change soon.

new video :

FAQ’s :

Q : how long development time for new asset ?
A : around 1 months.

Q : is there a limit for this asset to continue developing ?
A : yes, i dont know how much. but there is a limit.

Q : What if you broke the promise ?
A : feel free to file refund, and give a low rate for my asset.

Q : how this asset worked ?
A : they are simply mesh, however : the workflow should be like this :

not harvested mushroom - get interacted - despawn - spawn harvested mushroom


not harvested mushroom - get interacted - despawn - spawn harvested mushroom - spawn item neat harvested mushroom

( note : i am not a coder, i simply make a mesh)

Q : do early backer get next asset update for free ?
A : yes, and this asset will follow the latest UE version.

last note : i am active at this forum, sometimes in market section. however, feel free to leave suggestion at :

as promised, expansion pack for mushroom no.6 will live.

now i entered final phase for making Skeleton, and LOD

early backers get for free <3

size : on par with mannequin.

LOD : vertices, and textue size.

its harvest able, the item will finished with this mushroom. (item image : coming soon).

price increase approx : $1

asset submitted, now wait until UE give confirmation.

early buyer get this asset for free.

i will add another info detail later



its animated, complete with 5 stage LOD. and the LOD have vertex reduction + 5 texture size.

total mesh to be added are 3

  1. the mushroom
  2. the plate traditional
  3. the plate modern

note : mesh located on skeletal mesh tab

price will rise when the asset get finalized / updated.

note 2 : this asset will not go to sale no matter what.

note 3 : if this asset recieve another support, another expansion will added.

the updates are live, and the price changed.

feel free to ask and comment on recent changes.

(new image in spoiler at main post)