Investigation alignment

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to process this building, but the result after the alignment looks like this.
I’ve tried changing the values marked on the screenshot, but it didn’t help.

Do you have any recommendations? I believe the problem is due to the images being featureless.
Also, could the issue be related to the fact that most of the images were taken perpendicular to the ground?

Thank you for your assistance.
Have a good day.

Hey @OndrejTrhan, do you have any suggestions here? Thanks

Hi Daniele,
how do look the other alignments? Also, how do look the other view of the last alignment?
I am not sure if such images are so featureless (you can check the number of found features for the images), but bigger issue will be the used camera (it is too distorted) and the way how the images are captured (it looks like they are taken from one height). You can try to use double grid, different flying heights and various camera angles during capturing. Also not so distorted camera.
Also, keep lower reprojection error, as this could be a result of setting it to 6.

About the other attempts, they look the same.
Also I started with standard values for the alignment, then I tried to increase the reprojection error. Should I actually do the oppposite?

And do you see any other solutions within RC settings without taking another flight?


Just keep the pre-defined settings for the alignment.
You can try to use the inspection tool to see what could be wrong with the aligned images.
You can also try to create part of the model, if it will be influenced with such sparse point cloud.
As most of your images are aligned I suppose this won’t be related to the used settings, so proper capturing could help there a lot.