Inverted mouse within editor

I know you can invert mouse in-game but we inverted-mouse-users struggle in the UE4 editor interface.

After using UE4 for over a year now, and loving every minute by the way, my brain doesn’t know how to move around in an FPS anymore. My muscle memory is confused! Please Epic, add inverted mouse support to the editor!

I second this request. I have just started using UE4 and this is the first thing I have tried to change in settings, but with no success.

I strongly third the request. Though a quick Google search brings up requests of this type from as much as 2 years ago. I’m going to guess it isn’t going to happen.

Please add this feature, many people asking how to do this.

I don’t understand people who invert their mouse, it confuses me and at the same time I understand it.

Here is a fix that might be good for now:

Any news from the developers on this, as far as I can tell inverting the mouse y-axis in the editor hasn’t been added yet?

This option has been requested for quite some time and it’s been up on AnswerHub for over two years now.

Many would probably consider this to be one of the most basic features, especially in an engine originating from an FPS game and it’s difficult to think of any FPS game today that doesn’t have this as a standard option.

How much longer do we have to wait, or will it ever be implemented at all? Again, for an engine with such a strong FPS legacy as Unreal, the omission of this feature seems almost like some form of heresy. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been waiting patiently for over two years, please consider implementing this, showing some love for those of us who are mouse y-axis impaired and won’t be able to use the editor properly before it is.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



Forgot to reply to this, sorry.

Thank’s for the suggestion MrGoatsy. However, that fix unfortunately seems to be a system-wide one, which wouldn’t be helpful since you only want the y-axis inverted when navigating the viewport, but not while using the menus.

The reasonable and obvious solution for this is that the option is implemented in the editor itself, which again should be considered one of the most basic features, especially considering this engine is based on a FPS game (Unreal).



This feature has been added in 4.13 and can be found in Editor preferences -> Viewports -> Invert Mouse Look Y Axis/ Invert Orbit Y Axis

Are you guys aware of this:


Good on whoever implemented the feature. I don’t invert but I know how bad it sucks when you have to deal with the opposite of what you’re used to.

Thank you. You God :slight_smile: