Invert transform from Blueprint?

Hey all, I’m trying to set up a Razer Hydra for hand control of my character, and I need to be able to invert a whole transform, but there only seems to be nodes for inverting location/direction.

I tried inverting the rotator by doing an inverse direction on each axis and recombining (to a new rotator) them, but I think that’s wrong.

Anyone have any ideas?

maybe i did not understand your question but there is a bvreak transform and a make transform you can use to change a transform. In hope it helps.

@Fen, thanks, but that’s not really what I’m asking.

Oh yes ! Had not seen Razer Hydra. really Sorry. Omw to whip myself with nettle 15 times on each shoulder.

No worries :slight_smile:

Edit: I sort of got this working using the setup I describe in the original post (using the Inverse Transform Direction and Location nodes). The transform isn’t being turned relative to the base station though so I need to fix that, but other than that it’s pretty good :D!

I’ll add InverseTransformRotation, and that should help this situation in the future.


Awesome, thank you Lina.

Can you comment on whether or not doing an Inverse Location, and also Inverse Direction on each of the rotator’s axes is technically correct? (I.e., I have matrix A and matrix B, and I want to mul B by inverse(A), so A is the input transform for the Inverse Location and Direction nodes, and B (broken out to location and rotator, then from rotator to axes) are what’s being multiplied by the inverse.)